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Surveillance Cameras


CCTV Video Transmission with Digital Video Recorders (DVR)

The video surveillance system is normally transmitted over a coaxial cable such as the RG-59 or the Siamese cable. However, in most cases, the video can be transmitted on any pair of wires. This can be especially handy if you have used the existing network or installed telephone wiring in the areas that you need monitoring.

Some installations are performed using twisted pair cable only as CAT5 to provide possible enhancements to IP type cameras in the future. Baluns allow you to use CAT5 UTP cabling or any other pair of wires to transmit your security surveillance video.

The Baluns are available either individually, which will accommodate one camera, or 8 and 16 channel units that will support multiple cameras. Baluns are also available in active or passive configurations. Passive baluns are off and simply convert from a BNC type connection to twisted pair cable. The maximum distance that can be reached with these Baluns is approximately 750 feet using the CAT5 cable. Active Baluns are powered and offer a boosted transmission, allowing you to transmit up to 5000 feet above CAT5.

Powerful Storage Solution for CCTV

Seventh Generation Seagate Surveillance HDD 6 TB drives meet the ever-increasing demands of systems with many high-resolution cameras, and offer increased performance and longevity at affordable prices in active 24-hour surveillance systems h and 7/7 j.

  • 6 TB capacity supports up to 16 disks and 32 cameras per system
  • Increased accuracy for intensive writing cycles related to video surveillance
  • Reliability in multi-disk systems using RAID technology
  • Rotational vibration sensor for more reliability
  • Custom Power Settings for Motion Detection Cameras with Sleep Mode Support 3
  • Seagate Data Recovery Guarantee Adds to Traditional Backups in the Event of Loss or Accident