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BTS Time & Attendance

With Biometric Time & Attendance you will eliminate the common occurrence of employees clocking for each other, a practice that can affect your productivity level therefore affecting your bottom line.

Biometrics (Fingerprint recognition) provides verification of the identity of each employee at the time of clocking. This will eliminate the unaccounted time that usually occurs when using traditional badges, Login IDs or pin numbers. This is what is commonly called “Buddy Punch“ )

With BTS software, no matter your industry, the size of your business, small or enterprise size level company, we will analyze your organization and recommend a Biometric device that fits your organization’s needs.

Each of our Biometric devices allows the employer to choose the configuration that best fits the needs of the business.

. Clock in at the beginning of the shift and out at the end of the shift
. Break time(in and out) during a shift
. Track multiple shifts each day
. View hours this shift
. View hours for any period
. View hours this shift
. View schedule this period or next
. View Actual VS scheduled
. Adjust hours