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Access Control


Addressing the myriad of threats to an organization's physical and digital assets has become one of the most important challenges facing governments and businesses today. The BTS-TA 100 is an advanced, fingerprint-enabled, stand-alone networked biometric access control device and smart card technology that can restrict who is an authorized user and who is not, giving a complete control of the company more who goes when and where, at any time. The BTS-TA 100 can integrate with existing physical access systems and provides an enhanced layer of security through the use of biometric pointing technology.

The BTS-TA 100 is an IP65 waterproof access control device that works in extreme conditions, including rain.

Built in proximity Card Reader

The BTS-TA 100 can also be used as an access control device indoors. The BTS-TA 100 comes with an integrated RF proximity card reader. This feature gives a second layer of security and also identifies users in high traffic areas in a more efficient and faster method. BTS-TA 100 comes with a standard 125Khz EM reader.

If your installation has a door or hundreds of access points, BTS-TA 100 cleverly designed physical access control system door offers enterprise class features. From controlling access to your buildings to securing in restricted areas, our technology makes it all possible at a fraction of the cost. Our gateway to cloud-based controllers can seamlessly connect to the cloud without the need for a server or expensive hardware. We provide you with instant, real-time insights to effectively manage your physical security virtually anywhere.

Door to Cloud Access Control Software

BTS-TA 100 offers an intuitive, easy-to-use Gateway to Cloud platform. Our platform allows you to manage and monitor all your physical access control locations from any computer, smartphone or tablet in real time safely. 
• Manage one or more locations. 
• Adaptable to your needs. 
• Doors open remotely in complete safety. 
• Stay informed with our programmable events 

Door to Cloud® IP Based Door Controller

With innovation in mind, BTS-TA 100 has designed the Gateway to IP Cloud Controller. The controller connects to the Internet via its built-in WiFi or PoE (Power over Ethernet). Our IP Door-to-Controller allows easy management of users, schedules, doors and settings by any web browser.